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About Sahibzada Farooq Ahmed Al – Qadri

Sahibzada Farooq Ahmed al- Qadri

Following in the footsteps of his great father Alhaj Maulana Muhammad Bostan Qadri(late), Sahibzada Farooq Ahmed Al- Qadri has become a versatile person. He is a successful businessman, professional accountant, financial consultant, community leader, social worker and an active social participant of social, cultural and religious ceremonies.

He takes keen interest in religious, welfare and national activities. His institution has been serving with the name of Farooq & Co Accountants and Financial Consultants. Famous ARY group has appointed him Authorised Representative for their sister organization “Rainbow Commercial Finance” in Midlands.

Sahibzada is the Finance Secretary of Pakistan Business and Professional Society besides he is Chairman of Pakistan Society Birmingham and Finance Secretary of Pakistan Forum Birmingham. He is well mannered, courteous and well dressed person. Those who meet him make friends with him quickly after getting inspired by his wonderful personality. He attaches deep veneration to mystic and na’tia poetry as well as loves to attend meeting of Saints.

Alhaaj Farooq Ahmed Al-Qadri was born on 4th January 1956 in Barwan Chowk Hakeem Noor Alam, a village near Chakswari in Azad Kashmir. He is the eldest son of President Tehrik –e-Ulema Jammu Kashmir, Gen. Secretary Confederation of Sunni Masajid Midlands, former Advisor for Religious Affairs in Azad Jammu and Kashmir Government, Alhaaj Maulana Muhammad Bostan Al- Qadri. His grandfather, Alhaaj Hakeem Noor Alam was a landlord and respectable figure of his area. He was Hakeem by Profession. Father of Sahibzada Farooq – al – Qadri, Maulana Bostan Qadri and uncle Dr. Ghulam Rabbani ( a retired army officer) had come to England in 1957.